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Orlando Parental Relocation Attorney

Moving Away? Not So Fast

Americans have become a mobile society. We move to other cities and states for employment, a promotion, remarriage, education opportunities, to be near family and sometimes just to avoid traffic or find better weather. When a parent wants to relocate, the case frequently ends up in litigation. Neither parent wants to be separated from his or her children, so both parents tend to fight all the way to the end.

I am Greg Colvin, a family law attorney and trial lawyer. I am fully prepared to take your case as far as it needs to go. Please keep in mind that judges rule toward what is in the best interests of the child — which can go either way.

If you want to relocate to another state or city, or want to prevent your former spouse from relocating, you need an experienced attorney by your side. Call 407-680-2162 Toll Free: 800-483-0522 or contact the law office of R. Gregory Colvin, LLC to speak to an Orlando parental relocation lawyer.

Florida Child Visitation Attorney Solving Timesharing Issues

Family court has a pre-determined process regarding relocation modifications to child support (timesharing agreements):

  • There are specific statutes that outline what the relocating parent must do. There is no guarantee that a parent can leave — even if the other parent does not object.
  • If the parents cannot come to an agreement, the case goes to mediation.
  • During mediation, each parent has his or her own attorney and a third attorney acts as a mediator.
  • A signed mediation agreement is binding.
  • Approximately 80 percent of relocation disputes are settled during mediation.
  • If a mediation agreement is not reached, the case goes before a judge who can rule in either direction.

As a family law attorney with 20 years of experience, I have represented both fathers and mothers, the relocating parent and the non-relocating parent. I have also acted many times as the neutral mediator.

Potential Timesharing Results

The judge will rule in the "best interests of the children" which is in favor of the petition about half the time. Results may include:

  • The relocating parent may be allowed to leave with the children and a new timesharing agreement is worked out.
  • The relocating parent may leave without the children and a new timesharing agreement is worked out.
  • Although rare, the relocating parent may decide to stay, or both parents may relocate.

More Than Twenty Years of Experience on Your Side

Please call 407-680-2162 Toll Free: 800-483-0522 or contact the Orlando, Florida, law firm of R. Gregory Colvin, LLC. I look forward to helping you solve your legal problems.

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