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Orlando Domestic Violence Lawyer

Handling Spousal Abuse Accusations

If someone calls 9-1-1 with a complaint of domestic violence, it is not uncommon for someone to spend the night in jail. Even if the party who called in the complaint retracts it, there is still a good chance that law enforcement may make an arrest or ask one party to spend the night elsewhere until tempers cool.

No matter what happens, it is a good idea to consult an attorney if:

  • You fear for your safety
  • You fear for your children's safety
  • You have been unjustly accused
  • You fear that your parental rights may be in jeopardy

Domestic violence has a civil component and may have a criminal component as well if the district attorney charges assault based on the police report. I am  Greg Colvin, a family law attorney with more than 20 years of experience. I can help you with your domestic violence legal issue.

If you need to file an injunction for protection, or if you need an Orlando domestic violence attorney, please call 407-680-2162 Toll Free: 800-483-0522 or contact Orlando domestic violence attorney R. Gregory Colvin, LLC to schedule an appointment.

Injunction for Protection in Florida

An attorney can file an injunction for protection to keep your spouse from contacting you in person or via phone, Internet or other means. If there is an injunction filed, there are three potential outcomes:

  • The court grants the petition and a hearing is scheduled.
  • The court schedules a hearing, but does not yet rule on granting the injunction.
  • The request for an injunction is not granted and a hearing is not scheduled.

Florida Civil Action Lawyer for the Defense

After the hearing, if the injunction for protection is granted, the primary concern for many spouses or parents is, "Can I see my children?" As your attorney I would work to make certain that you still have visitation or parenting time with your children. Depending upon the judge and the facts of the case, that time may be either supervised or unsupervised. The judge will also typically make a child support ruling at the same time.

If you violate the injunction for protection, the legal matter becomes a criminal one instead of a civil one. Different rules apply and there is a risk of jail time. Violation of a domestic violence injunction for protection is a serious matter.

More Than Twenty Years of Experience on Your Side

I have helped both women and men navigate these emotional issues. Please call 407-680-2162 Toll Free: 800-483-0522 or contact the law office of R. Gregory Colvin, LLC to schedule an initial consultation. I look forward to helping you solve your legal problems.

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