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Divorce can be a frustrating process. In addition to the emotional aspects that must be resolved, there are also numerous legal matters that must be addressed such as property division, parental time sharing (child custody and visitation) and many other concerns.

I am Greg Colvin, an Orlando divorce attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience. I provide clients with the personalized attention and legal advocacy they need during the divorce process. From my law office in downtown Orlando, I work closely with clients throughout Orlando and Central Florida to resolve divorce matters. Contact the law office of R. Gregory Colvin, LLC online or call 407-680-2162 Toll Free: 800-483-0522 to schedule your free initial consultation with an attorney.

Helping You Obtain Solutions to Complex Divorce Issues

In most divorces, people are concerned primarily with two things: their kids and their property. An experienced family lawyer can help ensure your parenting time and marital property is fairly divided. I help clients address divorce issues such as:

  • Property division: Courts split marital property and taxes in the way they think is fair, which is typically in half. All marital assets, debts and tax ramifications are divided between both parties.
  • Child support: Child support is determined by state-mandated statutory guidelines. As an experienced attorney, I work with clients to ensure all relevant income is taken into account when the support arrangements are being determined.
  • Parenting plans: Courts no longer use the terms child custody, visitation, primary parent and certain other commonly understood terms to define parental responsibility and time spent with children. Rather, time sharing is now the sole term used by the court in relation to time spent with children. I assist clients in negotiating fair time sharing plans that reflect the best interests of the children. In the event that a case must be decided by the court, I communicate your story to the judge, helping protect your parenting rights and parenting time.
  • Alimony: There are many different forms of alimony/spousal support that may be awarded in Florida divorces, based on the unique facts of the case. For example, when long-term marriages end, one spouse may qualify for rehabilitative alimony to enable the spouse to maintain the marital standard of living or to assist in getting rehabilitated in the working world. In other situations, another form of alimony may be applicable such as durational alimony, bridge-the-gap alimony or permanent alimony.
  • Relocation: Florida has statutes regarding your eligibility to move with your children during or following a divorce. In some situations, there may be regulations governing what a person can do before moving such as gaining consent from the other parent. It is important to understand and adhere to regulations or face potential repercussions.

I have extensive experience helping clients work through tough divorce matters in a contested divorce. However, I also provide necessary guidance to clients in uncontested divorce proceedings. I review and draft separation agreements and help clients in understanding when a divorce case cannot be filed as uncontested.

Additionally, as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator, I am equipped to advise clients through divorce mediation or am able to serve as a neutral mediator in mediation.

Contact Orange County Property Division Attorney Greg Colvin

I help clients navigate the confusing waters of family law court during a divorce, whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. From resolving property division disputes to advising clients in divorce mediation, I am committed to assist in resolving all of your needs in divorce. Contact my firm online or call 407-680-2162 Toll Free: 800-483-0522 to schedule your free initial consultation. I represent clients in Orlando, Orange County and throughout Central Florida.

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