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Orlando Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

Avoid Contempt and Its Consequences

During a divorce, there are a number of agreements that become part of the divorce decree. If any portion of the agreement is not followed, the spouse or parent in violation could be charged with civil contempt. Contempt can result in fines and jail time.

The areas of divorce and family law matters that are enforceable by contempt include:

  • Support orders (child support or alimony)
  • Child custody orders or timesharing plans
  • Attorney fees and court cost orders
  • Division of property court orders
  • Injunctions for protection or restraining orders
  • Failure to disclose income, assets or liabilities

The two most common orders that result in enforcement actions and could result in contempt if violated are support orders and timesharing orders. Failure to pay child support or violations of timesharing plans can result in contempt — including jail.

I am Greg Colvin, a family law attorney, and I help parents enforce court orders and also help parents avoid contempt by obtaining modifications to the original orders.

For an experienced litigator and Orlando child support enforcement attorney, call 407-680-2162 Toll Free: 800-483-0522 or contact the law office of R. Gregory Colvin, LLC.

Florida Parenting Time Lawyer

I have more than 20 years of experience and can help you with a number of enforcement or contempt issues, including:

  • Filing an emergency motion to force compliance with child support payments
  • Obtaining a modification of a child support determination for cases such as loss of job, loss of hours or other issues which affect child support payments
  • Filing an emergency motion to force compliance with the timesharing plan

If the court determines that you are violating the terms of your divorce decree, the judge can order you to make up time that you missed, or award more parenting time to the other party.

Parental Alienation? I Can Help

Books have been written about parental alienation and cases are working their way into the Florida family law legal system. Parental alienation can be subtle. If one parent hates the ex-spouse and conveys these feelings to the children, even through unspoken means, parental alienation could result. The judge could award the hated ex-spouse additional time with the children if the parent is found to be alienating the other parent.

More Than Twenty Years of Experience on Your Side

If you are in need an attorney to help enforce a court order, or to fight against parental alienation, please call 407-680-2162 Toll Free: 800-483-0522 or contact the Orlando child support enforcement attorney R. Gregory Colvin, LLC. I look forward to helping you solve your legal problems.

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